Discover the Benefits of Allergy Drops

Convenient. Affordable. Safe. Effective.

Clinical studies have proven allergy drops to be an effective alternative to allergy shots. Allergy drops are taken home and administered under the tongue by the patient, allowing them to only have to make clinical visits one to two times per year after the initial test.

Allergy drops


Easily administered at home, allergy drops – or Sublingual Immunotherapy – allow patients to avoid taking time off from work or school for regular office visits which are required for shots. No injections means no pain for patients.

Safe for Most Patients

Allergy drops can be administered to patients as young as two years old and up to seniors. Allergy drops are easier for our patients and have less adverse reactions than allergy shots.


Allergy drops (including under-the-tongue applications) have been used for more than 100 years. There is a large amount of scientific evidence from the past 30 years which concludes that sublingual immunotherapy is both safe and effective.

The results shown in the latest meta-analysis, executed by the distinguished Cochrane Review (2009), more than 2300 patients on sublingual immunotherapy had a significant reduction in symptom scores and medication use for both allergies and asthma without severe reactions or anaphylaxis.

Allergy drops are endorsed by the World Health Organization and the Allergic Rhinitis and Its Impact on Asthma guideline. For long-term relief, treatment generally takes 3-5 years.

Learn More About Allergy Drops

Patients that currently take shots are able to switch to drops (and vice versa). We typically will repeat your allergy testing prior to switching treatments.

If you think allergy drops may be right for you, or would like more information, call our office or contact us today to schedule a visit with our allergists or ask any questions.

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