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Janie Miramontes

Meet Janie, who’s now living life allergy free

“The test gave me an idea of what was making me miserable and keeping me off my feet,” said Miramontes. “Something was messing with me at all times. I even learned I was allergic to my own dog!”

Colt Ferguson

Allergy drops completely changed Colt's life and his allergy-induced asthma

“He’d wake up in the middle of the night and his eyes were swollen shut,” says Chrissy Ferguson. “He was miserable. We couldn’t sleep train him as a toddler either, since we were always treating him during the night.”

Reid McCarty

How three little drops changed a four-year-old’s life

“All of a sudden, after about two months on the drops, he wasn’t sick anymore,” says McCarty. “It was the most amazing thing.”